Man Stands at the Crossroad and Contemplates Humankind Making
its Way Beyond the Cosmic Machine. Cecilia Bustamante

Literary works by leading poets and thinkers of the English world

The site for contemporary and all time poetry, from Elizabethan times to our own. There are also sections for insightful Opinion Essays and a Visual Arts Gallery. You will find sonnets, free verse, light verse, Ezra Poundīs famous haiku, and more from writers who have something important to tell.
We have a clear understanding of our responsibilities in the so-called new age, time of the digital society and information revolution.   Poetry remains the same as it was in Spenser's and Shakespeare's time? Browse these pages and enjoy works of the masters like Gerard Manley Hopkins' modern sonnets, and Amy Lowell's innovative free verse.

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Poems by:
William Shakespeare
Leading poet/playwright of the Elizabethan Era.
His sonnets are considered perfect examples
of the form even today.

Ben Jonson,
The first English Poet Laureate.

John Donne
One of the most important precursors of modern poetry.

John Milton
Great 17th Century British poet, referred to as
a "champion of liberty."

Alexander Pope
Some critics disregarded him as a poet, but his poems
are still alive and well today and expected
to last hundreds of years more.

William Wordsworth
Poet Laureate. Most of his poetry were related to
man and nature. One of his titles was,
"The World Is Too Much With Us."

Lord Byron
Another outstanding, romantic poet of his day,
he was also known as a "champion of liberty."

Walt Whitman
His collection of poems, "Leaves of Grass," is considered
one of the most important pieces
of American Literature.

Gerard Manley Hopkins
His poems were not released to the public till
29 years after his death.

Dylan Thomas
An Icon of the mid 20th Century's young Poets.


Here you will find poems by:
An American-born writer and social rights fighter. Here are three
of her latest poems, one of which is the modern ballad,
"The Power of Prayer". In it, she emphatizes with the
grieving victims of the Katrina hurricane.

Ruth Powers
Mrs. Powers is a new emerging poet with a strong personality.
She depicts in her poems the actual mood of fearful people...
not only in the U.S., as they feel the impact of orange
warnings, but also the fear of an Arab mother
nursing her baby near a battle that is
taking place just beyond her door.

An outstanding Australian poet of our days. Here we present his nice poem
Invoking Peace on an anti-war theme

A versatile writer coming to us from Sylvia Plath's times. His poem "Closing Time"
fills our senses and demonstrates that man affects nature, and in turn,
nature produces effects on us, in retribution.


Poetry in Transition: From Middle Ages to Elizabeth I

Poetry in the Golden Years of Elizabeth I

17th Century Poetry-The Precursors:
Donne, Milton and Marvell


18th Century Poetry - Alexander Pope and the Neo-Classical Period

Poetry in the Early 20th Century Years


  From the Deathbed of Dying Planet
Preface:CODE BLUE!

  Ayn Rand, in "We the Living" wrote of  "...the sanctity of human life...sanctity
not in a mystical sense of 'supreme value'..."

Mother Nature
On the shores of Gitche Gumee. The Mother of All Lakes.
Lake Superior, they called her then...


Cecilia Bustamante
Exactly what will our warriors of the third millennium be like?
In this piece, Mrs. Bustamante poses an insightful theory
in answer to that question.