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Stories and Poetry

Rolando SifuentesHello. My name is Rolando Sifuentes and I live in Lima, Perú. You can reach me at: roland175@lycos.com I studied Creative Writing in Palmer Writers School but I have dedicated almost all my life to business.  Now I am retired and have plenty of time to do what I always wanted: writing. And here go my pages of literature in the cyberspace. I am only a link in a global chain composed of cyber friends with the same line of thinking.  It is important for us to have our voices be heard by all people who love art and the lands they live in - our lives are not as they were planned to be by the creator [if a creator exists]... the word happiness has become something unbelievable in our materialistic world. Here you´ll find sincere voices to hiss you uplifting words coming out of the heart. I hope you will join me to try to maintain our world livable.  For that purpose what better other than reading poems?
And, yes I have also written some stories which I´ll post some of them as time passes, and the smog and wars and hungry allow me to do it.  I need your feedback. Please send me your comments and ideas. In peace and love, Rolando, editor and compiler.

PHOTO: left: Peruvian poet Mario Florián (1917-99), right: Rolando Sifuentes (1936 -)