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Poetry Web Sites
Poetry Web Sites
An American Woman
Poetry Reviewer
Sunday, 24 July 2005

Mood:  suave
Now Playing: U.K. Poetry Society's Web Site
Topic: Poetry Web Sites


UK Poetry Society's web site displays excellent pages on the various activities for both members and non-members - on line and off line. This organization, based in London, was founded in 1909 by a group of poets, teachers, librarians, booksellers, journalists and simply lovers of poetry from all over the world.

  • Projects: This section is divided in sections like Poets in School, Poets in the City and Poetry Places.
  • Events: 2005 Translation Reading Series is inaugurated with translators' presentations - some of these events are free and others are for a fee.
  • Advice and Information Services: Exclusive info for members and an up-to-date notice-board of poetry news plus a general information page.
  • The Poetry Shop
  • England's Map of Poetry Places:This is one of the most important sections. Here are found links to poetry festivals, bookshops, poetry organizations, etc.
  • Resources
  • Forthcoming poetry titles
  • Education: This is a resourceful section for teachers. Of especial interest are: Poets in School and Poetryclass, a national programme of training for teachers. Check out their interactive website

The poetry contests on this site are very original. The most important one is the annual National Poetry Competition, open to anyone aged 18 and over and has an entry fee. Another is the thematic competition for members, promoted by the Society's seasonal magazine, Poetry Review. Some past issues' themes ranged from "Fire Poems" to "Kissing Poems". This summer issues' theme is "On the Tiles", and there is available an archive of past selected thematic poems on this site.
The Society also offers the ink and paper newsletter, Poetry News  which carries full details of its poetry activities, plus valuable advice for novice poets, interviews to noted poets, member's selected poems and much more. Some of the most important articles of this newsletter are posted on the site.

Read more poetry in my web site Stories and Poetry

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Posted by roland175 at 4:27 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 25 August 2005 4:18 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: Search Engines and Poetry Web Sites


Welcome, Cyberfriends!

Yes, this blog is for lovers of poetry - all kinds of poetry, ancient as well as modern. Our main purpose is to help all of you to find more easily those nice poetry sites among the myriads of pages across the ever-growing Net. It is said that there are pages by the billions on the Internet, and Search Engines are able to index only a percentage of them. Moreover, it is possible that SEs do not retrieve for you that important page. Thus, you, a poet (or, simply a lover of poetry), seeking a little "bread for the soul," starts to feel discouraged by the heap of pages that is hiding that particular one you were hoping to find.

A little of statistics and Keyword popularity

When we searched the word "poetry" in Yahoo, the S.E. retrieved the huge quantity of 81,700,000 web pages containing this word. The question arises, how many of those pages are really useful to comply with our interest? Some answers to this question can be found in Wordtracker's weekly reports on keywords.
Wordtracker's report about keywords (those words we use to query search engines for pages with info on our topic) in the last week of June surprised us, when we found the word "poetry" was positioned in 50th place, in a list of 300 of the most-used words registered by meta search engines in the previous 24 hours. And our surprise was even greater, when we turned to the list of the long term (the past two months) report. There, we found that this same word was in the incredible number 8 position, among the 200 most searched-for words.

Battle of Idealistic vs materialistic people

And what does this means for all of us poets and lovers of poetry? Simply put, it means that there is still a great amount of humanity in our ultra- liberal, materialistic world, and surely poets will be heard, because there is an audience out there.
So here we are, encouraged by those optimistic statistics about the keyword "poetry".
We are humbly displaying our pages in the hope that we may happen to be a torch to light your way in the search for that "little bread for the soul." This has been our introduction. Now, to the subject at hand. The web site chosen to inaugurate our blog is that of the Academy of American Poets. Happy reading!

Internet service

Academy of American Poets

This outstanding web site of the American poets, was launched in 1997 and receives nearly 400,000 visitors each month. The site has various sections packed with diverse topics relating to poetry. The database of more than 500 well- known poets chocke full of information about them is very important to visit - everybody can access it freely by using either the search options or an alphabetic index. This database includes not only American poets, but also many from other corners of the world and earlier epochs, such as the Roman, Catullus, and South Americans Cesar Vallejo and Pablo Neruda. Needless to say, here it is possible to find some of the finest works of the masters.

    Other sections are:
  • Poetry News
  • Essays
  • Spotlight Poet
  • Spotlight Poem
  • Poetry Near You
  • On Writing
  • For Educators
Also, there is a Discussion Forum where ideas and points of view on various poetry topics are aired. In one thread during the last week of June, literary modernism was being discussed, which helped strengthen our comprehension of the unending debate about modern poetry themes. It was posted by G. Wilkens and he began his essay this way, "Eager rebellion seems to be the drive which unifies the various particular tenets of literary modernism. In the teenage years of the 20th Century, rapid, massive changes in poetry took place..." The site is updated regularly and you can subscribe to their free monthly newsletter to get notices on updates and other very valuable information not found on other sites.

Posted by roland175 at 4:50 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 22 August 2006 6:49 PM EDT
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