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From the Deathbed of Dying Planet 4

From The Deathbed Of A Dying Planet:


#4 Earth's Edict

      Earth must be returned to its natural life state of symbiosis.  Only with all of its component parts exchanging one form of life for another, can it continue to live.  Man has disturbed its delicate balance's strength for so long and so greatly, that he has pronounced its sentence of death.


      Diagnosis:  terminal cancer (mankind).


      Prognosis:  vital life support systems failure imminent; death inevitable.


      "Man" himself must be held responsible for the wanton destruction of his world. His callous disregard for all that has nurtured and sustained his very life is nothing less horrific than matricide.  As he would kill his mother who bore and suckled him, stealing the last few dollars from her purse to finance his vices and self-destructive addictions, he has killed Mother Earth.  And even as she lays dying, he rapes her for good measure.  To conceal his crime, he then rapes and kills his brothers and sisters as they lie in their beds and  accuses everyone else in the neighborhood.

      His fellow man, having committed the same heinous act or profited in some way from its consequences, will never judge the criminal (himself) guilty of any wrongdoing-- and will not stop him.  As all fight for the last few gasps of the little air they've left, they speed up their own demise with air and life-sapping exchanges of blame.  All are guilty. (work-in-progress)




[what can go here???  Open Wounds?  Ingrates?]