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Stories and Poetry

MAIA's thinking is:  the world is sick, our political leaders

are sick with a lust for power, and our Third World people,

including us in in the southern hemisphere, are also getting

sick under the overwhelming might of the political and

military forces of the richer countries.

And these latest years of advancements in information

technology (IT), with its marvelous electronic gadgets,

instead of providing a better life for our under-developed and

slowly developing countries, have instead greatly increased

the digital divide between the rich and poor of the world.


Is she shouting in the desert? I think not. With this in mind,

these pages were created to make use of the IT to reach all

corners of the world - interacting with people of all races

and creeds - the machine being only an intermediary between

men to achieve this. That was the first lesson of maia, given to the world.


Spreading maia's thinking is very important for us dwellers

in this materialistic world. You will find poems and essays

about the primary aim in existence of the human being - Life

and the pursue of happiness.

And, also, there are come counseling  about the way we must

live in concordance with nature's law of harmony:  individuals, as well 

as societal groups, interacting in the age of the global village. 

With no more 'isms' that spoil people life like the obsolete communism,

and the still flourishing capitalism, racism, etc.


And maia is not only criticising them, she is suggesting

remedies to heal our wounded soul and body with the

balmy, sensitive and at times pungeant poetry, and the penetrating

views of the aching reality as focussed on her essays.


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